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Congratulations, we at Zig Jig will provide you with the information and knowledge to catch more fish than you ever thought possible. We have designed and manufactured the most unique and effective marabou jig you will ever fish with.


Although developed here in the trout rich state of Arkansas and used primarily in the world famous White and North Fork River in north central Arkansas, the White River Zig Jigs have been used successfully all over the country. From professionals to beginners, these Jigs provide a winning solution. In the lakes and streams across the continent, these jigs lure in walleye, crappie, smallmouth and largemouth bass.


The unique action of the White River Zig Jig drives fish crazy and they attack it. We have fished these for the last 18 years and through thousands of hours of trial and error we have developed the colors and color combos for jigs that offer you success. All of our color/size combinations have caught tons of fish. I have satisfied, southern customers from Georgia, North Carolina and Florida along with friends in the west from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.


You must have the right tools and a plan of action to be successful. In the following pages, you will get the information you need and have the opportunity to purchase the right tools to put more and bigger fish in your boat than you ever thought possible. I have been catching trout for over 40 years and have caught them almost any way you can think of. There’s nothing more enjoyable!


From weekend anglers to professional guides, one thing is constant - Zig Jigs. Come join the club and experience how the Zig Jig increases your catches! Let us teach you.