Fishing is a lot like other sports and professions. A lot of people do it, but few do it well. There's an old saying that 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. From your experience you pretty much know that's true. The Zig Jig System will enable you to join the 10% of the fishermen who expect to catch fish every time they go fishing. This system works in every part of the country as noted in the following letters:

I am Jim Brentlinger, owner/operator of Linger's Guide Service & Fishing Lodge on the world famous White & Norfork Rivers in Northern Arkansas. We are beginning our tenth year in business and for the last 6 or 7 years the White River Zig Jig has been my #1 choice for my customers to use. Primarily we use 1/16th and 1/8th ounce jigs and if the water is high we may go to the 1/4th ounce to get closer to the bottom. The numbers of fish caught in a day can defy logic as 100 to 200 fish per day per boat is not uncommon. What makes the White River Zig Jig so good is definitely the color combinations it comes in. I have fished jigs for years but the colors offered make all the difference most days.

Jim Brentlinger

The Zig Jig is my go to! I work on Utah's Green River and in Patagonia, Chile. When all else fails this jig pulls through! With its erratic motion, wide range of color combinations, and different weighted heads, there is a jig for every situation. The great thing about the Zig Jig is that it can be used by all levels of fisherman, from beginner to expert. On the Zig Jig I have caught silver salmon, all species of trout, and small and large mouth bass. This is something that every fisherman needs in his or her tackle box!

Nick Jackson

I have been using Zig Jigs going on 3 years now and wonder still what my fishing would have been on the White River had I been using them before that time.  I have used them in all types of weather, with different water levels. They consistently come through - time and time again. The quality of the zig jig is beyond reproach and after a day on the river, they are ready for the next day’s adventure. Try them, you’ll like them!!!

KP McNeal

Katy, TX

One avid and very satisfied Zig Jig customer!!!

"I just wanted to thank you for making the best Jig on the market. I have been a professional guide for over 30 yrs and have fished many clients over those years. My spin fishing clients have had a ball on the Green River where I guide with your Zig Jig.

The action the head gives the Jig as it falls looks like a minnow in distress and our brown trout and rainbows can't resist. It is by far the best product I have come across. As well, the fly rod size is great; keep up the good work!" 

Gene Gautieri

Green River Guide, Utah

"Your jigs have changed the way I catch trout. I fish on 6 guided trips a year, usually on the San Juan river. What's surprising is that the guides actually request for me to teach them how to jig using your jigs. Last November, one of my fishing partners started jigging on a fly rod because he couldn't just stand there and watch me out catch him 10 fold. Your jigs never left his rod for the next 4 days. I'm definitely hooked on your jigs. I hardly fish anything else! Thanks so much."

Jerry Yang

Grant Cheadle  Phoenix, AZ

Grant Cheadle

Phoenix, AZ

"I was first introduced to Zig Jigs in the late 1990's when I arrived at Dutch John, Utah, to fish the ever famous Green River.  When I arrived the evening before, I was choosing between fly fishing or jig fishing.   I found your Zig Jig in the fly shop and instinctively purchased most of their (then) small supply!…(by the third day, I went back to the shop and purchased their remaining supply).   From the testimony of those fly fishing the river the day before, the flying fishing was not that fruitful so I decided to switch over to casting your light weighted Zig Jig…..and thereafter it was three days of glorious catching (I would not call this fishing per se … we stopped counting as we boated over 60 trout by the time the lunch hour arrived.)  This was a trip in which the guide worked much harder than he was expecting – having to constantly row and double net for two fishermen using the Zig Jig!

I have been fishing with Zig Jigs ever since that experience and have told all of my fishing friends that this is a must have lure (and to have lots of these on hand).  We also fish for small mouth bass in Canada and have experienced the same results with the Zig Jig.   My best advise to those who have yet to experience this product : purchase these by the dozen and do not travel without them- this is the go-to lure!   I fish in Texas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Minnesota, Canada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, and it is most reassuring to know that this is a product that not only works amazingly well, but is made in the USA, by a real fisherman, tested and designed to catch fish, not created and sold to catch fishermen!…."   

Grant Cheadle

Phoenix, AZ

"My name is John Cancilla and I am an avid Fly Fisherman. That said, I was introduced to White River Zig Jigs while on a trip to Utah’s Green River. While I love my fly fishing, since being introduced to Zig Jigs, I have become a consistent user of White River Zig Jigs. I have found them to be just deadly in clear water venues whether in moving water or still water. I have just become addicted to the blind strike I get and they are usually super aggressive takes when I get a bit on this jig. I highly recommend White River Zig Jigs to anyone who loves the sensation of the blind strike. You will not be disappointed."

John Cancilla

"I used to say, 'Something will always bite a worm!'  The Zig Jig has caught me more fish than any other bait I have ever used - real or artificial.  If I want to catch trout on a river, I haven't found anything more reliable. I'm glad I found your product."  

Adam B. Garside

Eagle Mountain, UT

James Dismore

James Dismore

"I have been fishing Zig Jigs about a year now, and we catch a lot of fish with them! Two weeks ago myself and my 11 year old son were fishing the White river up here in North Arkansas. It started rough; the water was low, and we ended up scraping our way down the shoals to white hole. We drifted in and anchored down. I was throwing a few different things, none with much true success, fish would respond maybe every 5-6 son was fishing that famous floating ball bait that everyone uses to catch fish, same as me, but all small... I tied on a zig jig, made 3 casts, and found my rhythm. I was a little rusty. After about 5 fish I could see my son was chomping to try them... So I said 'tie this on,' but I had too since he is still learning. It took him about 15 minutes, maybe 20 casts, to really get the rhythm but in between he was catching more and bigger fish than before. So after my son got into a casting rhythm, I noted they had opened up some water and decided now would be a good time to float and fish the moss lines and docks. It paid off! Here is the results! A 25" 4 pound brown! I grew up on the white on bull, have fished it since I was 5 or 6. I have learned from some of the best guides on this river but have never managed to get a trophy! Till today! I have introduced a few people to these jigs and have given a few away."

James Dismore

Fishing has been good, real good! I spend a lot of days on the water every year, and for the last five I have used White River Zig Jigs for everything! It's amazing that this one little bent hook and weight can produce the size and quality of fish that it does. We float a lot of different water trolling and casting in lakes and drifting rivers. I have a box of Zig Jigs that I take everywhere. The trout love these things; it's like trout crack: they can't get enough of them! The system is easy enough for my six year old to master and he out does most adults we fish with now.  These are memories that my family and I will have for a lifetime and we would like to thank Richard and Zig Jigs. They are the best hands down! Wherever you fish, Zig Jigs are definitely the gear to use. We have caught bass, rainbows, cutbows, monster browns, white fish, lake trout, big lake trout, even steelheads, on your jigs. They are all you need to catch fish and more than likely they are gonna be huge!

Justin Flansburg

"Each Fall my husband and I take a trip to the Green River in Utah to fish with our favorite guide in the world, Gene Gautieri. Our 1 1/2 year old daughter stayed with friends,so we only had one day to fish. Since it was raining like crazy, we didn't even consider rigging up our fly rods. We rigged up our CrossFires and went for it, with Gene at the helm. We Zig Jigged all morning and managed to land 33 fish. We tried to do better after lunch but managed to match our morning with 33 more fish. We were quite pleased with our 66 fish day in the pouring rain. Lots of smiles despite the weather. At the take out, we listened to others talk about their tough day with only 6 fish. If they'd only try Zig Jigging with the CrossFire, they'd have a 66 fish day like we did. We do love jigging, especially when we have a limited time and want to catch fish. Don't get me wrong, we still love our fly rods but it's sure nice to catch fish right away"

Martha Krieg

"Zig Jigs make trout fishing a family affair. My wife, 11 yr. old son and 13 yr. old daughter catch trout, and have a lot more fun than the traditional method of dragging baits. Trout fishing with Zig Jigs is a family affair for the Shackelford family. I use Zig Jigs and Crossfire rods; we consistently catch a nice brown trout. Through the jigs I catch more fish and bigger fish all over the country. I have used Zig Jigs in knee deep trout streams and on the mighty White River. I have consistently caught fish in January in subfreezing temperatures and in July when temps reach triple digits. We fished the Green River in Utah and the guides thought a good day was 25 trout. We blew their minds catching 100+ trout each of the three days we fished, and plenty of fish over 20 inches."

J. Larry Shackelford CPA, FACMPE

"Guided today on low water (what else is new?) my guys went back and forth between Zig Jigs and Rapalas...... we caught lots and lots of fish..... AND A LOT OF THEM CAME ON THE ZIG JIG!! The customers loved it as it is so easy to handle the mechanics....... they will be ordering jigs when they get back home and get on your web site.... I had a very large Brown on for about 8 seconds.....10 to 12 pounds... it took off upstream on low water... no problem.... the jig just came out.... too bad.... it was a very nice fish.... THERE WILL BE ANOTHER DAY!! I am guiding Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat...... will encourage my customers to throw ZIG JIGS!! I will have my Crossfire rods with my new Mitchel reels ready tomorrow as they just came in.... your rods will help on the hook set!!"

Jim Brentlinger
Linger's Guide Service, lingersguideservice

Norfork, Ar

"Well we finally had the chance to try out the ZigJig at Dry Run. Micah first had on an olive, hit after hit, landed several and then broke off. Tied on double brown and this is what she landed. Had a great time, looking forward to getting on the river. This picture was yesterday morning, you can see the Zig Jig in this Brown’s mouth."

Mike Gibbons

"Just wanted to let you know we fished w/ everything in our tackle box and the only thing that worked for us was your jigs.  Fished Sat. & Sunday on the Norfork and caught 45 Sat. and 33 Sunday......struggled with (2) generators, as I can wear them out when they are only running (1), but (2) is extremely tough even with 1/8 ounce jigs. 

My daughter also did pretty well in Dry Run Creek and caught some nice browns and rainbows on your jigs.  Monday we wore them out on the White River and ended up catching 119 rainbows, 3 browns, 2 cutthroats, and 2 smallmouth (every fish on zig jigs).  Best fish was a cutthroat dad caught on the Norfork........bought a bunch of your jigs at Cranfield Junction, but their selection of colors was fairly limited.  Just wanted to let you know you make a good bait!"

Casey Kuppart

"The Zig Jigs worked great on Rainy Lake Smallmouth and produced fish up to 20 1/2 " and 5.1 lbs. We finished 21st in the Fort Francis Canadian Bass Championship with a three day total of 50.35 lbs. for 15 fish. See complete results at . We had success casting and hopping the Zig Jig over shallow rocks and weeds,as well as fishing vertical, directly under the boat, in deeper 8' to 10' boulder areas. The quality of your jigs is excellent and they are irresistible to finicky smallmouth. Thanks,"

Chuck Olson

"Jim & Kim Miller were here for the week to fish and hunt as well as pick up their mounts from last spring!! Along the way I managed to land this 22 inch Rainbow on the famous WHITE RIVER ZIG JIG!! You can see the jig still in it's mouth!! If you haven't ordered any Zig Jigs yet from Richard Cross you better do it today!!"

"My grandson, James McReynolds age five, loves to fish the White River. Fishing Dry Run Creek was OK, but fishing from a river boat and catching smallmouth bass along with rainbow trout is more his style. James may not have the Zig Jig retrieve down pat but has no trouble reeling fish into the net. We use CrossFire rods, Tectan line, and 1/16 Zig Jigs.  Good fishing,"

Ken Kramer