Necessity is the mother of invention. In November of 2014 I received a call from Doug Ouelette. He had been guiding a client of mine on Pyramid Lake in Nevada. They had caught several fish but my customer, John Cancilla, from California, had a couple of different big fish straighten the hook out on some of my regular White River Zig Jigs. John told Doug he should give me a call and see if I could build a jig with a better hook. Doug had just purchased a package of jig heads from a major sporting good retailer and was complaining about the terrible hooks. I told him I would look into it.

Well, after a year, the time has come and the Zig Jig HD (Heavy Duty) is born. We used the same unique head design as on the regular jigs but we used a black nickel steelhead hook in the HD version. These are without a doubt, the marabou jig with the strongest hook you can buy.

I had some prototypes done and met John in Reno, NV in April. We fished with Doug for 4 days to test the hooks to make sure they held up under the pressure of those monster cutthroat that swim in Pyramid Lake. The results were great. Some of the pictures you see on this page were fish that either John or I caught on that trip.

Doug has been fishing on Pyramid Lake for 41 years and is the premier guide on that lake. His opinion and expertise is greatly respected in the fishing industry in that area and northern California. I highly recommend a trip to this area and if you do decide to go, he’s the guide to call. You can get his info and check him out at

Pyramid Lake is truly the “Land of the Giants” and home to the world’s largest Cutthroat Trout.

If you fish in lakes and rivers where you know that you’re going to hook big fish like trout, steelhead, smallmouth, walleye, largemouth or lake trout, you now have a weapon available to you that will allow you to not only hook those larger fish, but to LAND them as well.

I have some customers that use my Zig Jigs in salt water too. The new Zig Jig HD will be a great option for them too. We all know how hard those salt water fish fight!